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About us


Southern Alps Retirement Living provides high-quality retirement villages and lifestyle with a distinctive feature of Oriental cultures in New Zealand.

Southern Alps Retirement Living's team has extensive experience in the development and operations of retirement living communities. Our senior management team comes from New Zealand's leading local retirement living brands such as Ryman Healthcare, Metlifecare and Arvida; the front-line nursing team mostly comes from major senior care communities and medical institutions in New Zealand, with rich experience in elderly care and services. 

From the design and construction of the village, daily operation, healthcare services to various recreational activities, we immensely integrate oriental culture into our communities and create true happiness for the residents.

While picking asters 'neath the Eastern fence, my gaze upon the Southern mountain rests;

The mountain views are good by day or night, the birds come flying homeward to their nests.

This represents the retirement lifestyle that we would like to create for our residents. 

You’re more than welcomed to join the big family of Southern Alps Retirement Living and enjoy a happy and fulfilled retired life. Your smile is for what we are striving.


Four Excellence of Living Your Best Retired Life

A thriving new beginning in Pinnacle Long Bay
Feel at home in your retirement with easy life
Act like the inner young person you always have been


A beautifully landscaped garden heaven and well-maintained communal spaces joined by warm and welcoming homes, highlighting Eastern architectural aesthetics, provides an idyllic backdrop for your everyday lifestyle.  

All the homes are designed with the aged in mind. From slip-resistant flooring to bathrooms with easy-to-enter bathtub and grab rails, our designers have carefully thought through all details to ensure safety and security for you at home. All switches, power sockets and door handles are easy to reach and use. 

Situated in the south of the Long Bay Primary School, the village encourages you to stay actively engaged with the world around you by involving children, young people and local communites in your life.


Healthy and delicious daily meals to meet different needs.Pinnacle Long Bay’s seasonal menu is prepared with fresh ingredients. Independent residents and their visiting friends and family can book a meal with us any time. The main meal is included in assited living resident’s package, as well as morning tea and afternoon tea. 

There is a choice of Western and Asian cuisines, including a vegetarian option. Plus, we cater for special dietary requirements.


We have health practitioners who visit the village from time to time, helping evaluate health status of individual residents in our community. This encourages you to learn more about your physical and mental health condition and embrace a healthy lifestyle. 

Also, traditional Chinese Medicine, viewing health as “life in balance”, is applied into our care system for health maintenance and disease prevention. In Chinese Medical system, such elements as healthy diet, nice sleep, moderate regular excercise, happy and active mindset, and deep connections to the world around us come together in harmony to create a happy, balanced and meaningful life at your age.


Enjoy a thriving new beginning by doing the things you love to do and staying connected to the people who matter.


Top-notch amenities are on your doorstep. The Pinnacle Long Bay community centre is a hub for socialising and sharing. You’ll find a social room, library, music and dance hall and special interest groups meeting regularly. The centre also includes a restaurant and lounge and an outdoor terrace with nice view. Or you can rediscover your competitiveness with Ping-pong.

A wide variety of optional activities and events will keep you entertained. We have arts and crafts, excercise classes and regular movie time. We support you to enjoy what you love doing most, both within and outside of the community, even if it’s simply a relaxed walk on the beach.

We organize group tours while placing the preferences and needs of the aged at heart, so you can enjoy trips with like-minded people.

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